The Reserve was created by the Rodriguez Cheever Foundation to fulfil a commitment to help preserve the Rain Forest and its diverse wildlife and plant life.

The benefactors of the Foundation are Luis Rodriguez and Sharon Cheever, husband and wife. Luis was born in Costa Rica and considers it his second home. Both Sharon and Luis felt the need to make a meaningful impact on wildlife conservation, after their first visit to Africa. With the biodiversity of Costa Rica, its environmental focus and Luis’ ties to Costa Rica they chose the Reserve and its Mission.

We are pleased to have Jose Zuniga our Administrator and his family oversee the operations of Terra.


The protection of the Rain Forest and its Animals.


Engaging the community, the government and other interested parties to create sustainable partnerships focused on projects that support our mission.


  • We will educate on the critical importance of the Rain Forest and its    ecosystem
  • We will share learnings on ways to protect the Rain Forest and the   wildlife while supporting the community
  • We will consider properties that can be additive to the Reserve or partner with other local owners who share our vision
  • We will build strong partnerships with like minded organizations
  • We will reforest the current pastures on the Reserve with biodiverse tree species   and protect all plants and water sources
  • We will be a sanctuary for animals and plants, including those that are   endangered
  • We will welcome and collaborate with conservationist and researchers
Terra Conservation Reserve

Protection of the Rain Forest and its Animals

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