• The Reserve was originally partially forest and cattle pastureland.
  • After the cattle was removed, the Reserve received and planted, more than a 1000 trees of varying species, on one of the pastures.  We have just completed the planting of another 1200 trees on a second pasture. We are grateful to the Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad (ICE) for many of the trees we received, and we have also sourced other tree species from Earth University to enhance the biodiversity of the Reserve plant life to accommodate numerous species of wildlife and plant life.
  • This reforesting work is continuing both to provide maintenance and care for the trees planted and to prepare for more trees to be planted in other pastures over the coming years.

Animal Sanctuary

  • We have been privileged to be considered as a haven for rescued Sloths, and hope to receive our first two Sloths soon.
  • We plan to offer the Reserve for other rescued animals.

Data Collection and monitoring

  • The Reserve has a resident caretaker who monitors the Reserve and the wildlife.
  • We have installed numerous trap cameras on the Reserve both for wildlife viewing and to discourage poachers.
  • Trap Camera information is regularly collected, reviewed and analyzed to catalog our current wildlife population and to determine if we are increasing the population and species, which appears to be the case.

Partnerships with both public and private groups

  • We have begun the process of connecting with both public and private groups that may be able to help us achieve our mission, this will include the ICE, Sistema Nacional de Áreas de Conservación (SINAC), the Costa Rican Environmental and Energy Agency, local government bodies and Earth University.
  • We plan to coordinate with government agencies to actively discourage and, if necessary, prosecute poachers.
  • We know that many individuals and foundations believe in our Mission and we hope to partner with them in the preservation of the Corridor.

Partnership with the Community

  • We believe the Reserve’s success requires community support.
  • We are educating the community on our Mission.
  • We have begun and will continue to offer the local community environmentally sustainable work that is not in conflict with our Mission.

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